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Sell your items

Bring it down!
Simply bring down your items to our convenient location, and we will appraise then and advise you the best way to sell them. We store all items in-house so we can take it off your hands. We have a $50 minimum per item, but we will be the judge.

We list your item!
Once we receipt you, we begin to research your item. Our graphic artists photograph and edit your item making it look the best it can. We give your item a detailed and a jaw dropping publication on eBay. Your item runs for 7 or 10 days on eBay!

Watch your item!
Once your item is posted, we email you a copy of the listing to watch from start to finish. You can see your items full activity! During this time we answer any inquiries on your item from prospective buyers, and quote shipping around the world.

Your item sells!

When your item sells on eBay we move quickly to collect payment. Once payment clears, our shipping department safely and promptly packages and ships the item to the buyer.

After satisfaction from the buyer, a check is printed and mailed directly to your home or business!

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